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The Pac Backô Features:

...Fully adjustable shoulder straps - The ergonomic pad shape distributes the weight evenly.

...Padded hip protectors - Help prevent the car seat from shifting while walking - Fully adjustable to 50".

...Convenient carrying handle - Great for walking down the aisle of a plane.

...Bonus nylon storage tote (Not pictured) - Use it to put Pac Backô in an overhead storage bin or in your car trunk for your next trip.

Facts about traveling with children and the Pac Backô

...The FAA and airlines recommend that a car seat be used when traveling with children that weight between 20 and 40 lbs. Please check out for further information to see how important car seat use on planes is.

...The American Academy of Pediatrics has been trying to get a law passed since 1991 for the manadatory use of car seats on planes. Please check out;108/5/1218

...Pac Backô was developed to ease the burden of lugging a car seat to the plane. Please keep in mind that if you check a car seat in with your luggage it can't protect your child. Responsible parenting demands the use of car seats on planes.

...When buying airline tickets, check to see if they offer 50% off seat pricing for traveling with your child. Many airlines offer this service.

...Pac Backô was designed to carry only a car or booster seat. Never attempt to carry a child in a car or booster seat that is attached to the Pac Backô.

...Pac Backô is made from the finest nylon and heavy duty webbing materials. If it gets dirty, simply use warm water and mild soap to remove any grease or stains. The same holds true for the storage tote.

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